Striking Oils: We Love This Tiny New Natural Irish Wellness Brand



Our office smells incredible today – everyone who walks in breathes in deeply and asks what on earth the amazing scent is. The answer is not a fancy designer-label perfume, or even an upmarket room spray (though we are partial to a blast of Rituals’ Parfum d’Interieur in sweet orange and cedarwood, from its giant red “gun” spray). In fact, it’s a few drops of a €7 lemongrass essential oil, from tiny Irish label The Nature of Things.

Based in Dublin’s Chocolate Factory, the French founder Benoit Nicol spent 20 years working with the finest oil producers and perfumers. It’s brilliant to support a small Irish company like this: the quality of essential oils can vary widely but these contain nothing but the pure oil, and noting the country of origin. With his long experience and knowledge in the field, Nicol is a mine of information on the incredible powers of and uses for essential oils in natural health and beauty. So whether you add a few drops to a diffuser (see the smart Stadler Form version on the website), or into your bath, or add it to a carrier oil such as sweet almond or even olive oil to use on skin – you should not use essential oils directly on the skin; they can cause irritation or a reaction and should always be diluted.


The Nature of Things sources the highest quality essential oils from all corners of the world, including clary sage and lavender from France; eucalyptus from Spain; frankincense from Somalia; geranium from Egypt and lemongrass from Guatemala. Prices start from €7 for lemongrass essential oil up to €28 for Indian vetiver oil, a most beautifully fragrant oil that’s practically a perfume in itself. Turns out the lemongrass we’re scenting the office with has calming and stress-relieving properties … an appropriate choice for press day.

The Nature of Things products are currently available exclusively online at, and soon to be available in select stores, including The Hopsack in Rathmines.


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