Social Insecurities: The Local Farmers’ Market

SARAH BREEN on the DAILY ANXIETIES of modern life …

Illustration by Jacky Sheridan


Feeling excited at the prospect of cutting down on packaging, buying local and eating what’s in season. Nobody needs blackberries in April!


Arriving and immediately losing the children to the sausage roll queue. Thinking, oh well, at least they’re organic sausage rolls.


Realising you forgot your reusable shopping bags; shoving loose potatoes and apples into your handbag.


Being swizzed into buying two kilos of Brussels sprouts because the charming farmer is giving you a fantastic deal.


Remembering everyone hates Brussels sprouts and now you have to eat them all yourself.


Stocking up on purple sprouting broccoli, fresh-from-the-ground carrots and romanesco cauliflower because they look wholesome and pretty.


Grazing on free samples of chutney and pesto and promising to come back before you leave. Forgetting this as soon as you walk away.


Nearly falling over at the price of local organic honey. Flirting with the idea of pivoting into beekeeping.


Having to drag the children away from the crepes van. Wondering when crepes became so synonymous with farming.


Remembering that your household won’t survive without bananas. Stopping at your local German retailer on the way home.

Sarah Breen

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