Social Insecurities: Tackling New Trends

SARAH BREEN on the DAILY ANXIETIES of modern life …

Illustration by Jacky Sheridan


Deciding that this season you will definitely update your wardrobe and not just continue to buy the same things in slightly different shades every year until you die.


Delighting in the news that denim is hot as you already have some jeans. This is easy!


Feeling personally attached by the number of designers who sent models down the catwalk wearing clear vinyl. Imagining the squeaks must have been deafening.


Trying on plastic boots and realising with a heavy heart that socks are out and pedicures and clammy feet are in.


Feeling a sudden empathy for Edina Monsoon; she was only trying to keep up, sweetie.


Deciding the sheer fabric trend could work for you as long as you can cope with the inevitable draughts.


Attempting head-to-toe primary colours; looking like a children’s television presenter circa 1994.


Wondering whatever happened to old reliable “florals for spring”?


Noticing that texture is big news and lamenting all the furry, feathery and fringed things you’ve donated and dumped over the years.


Realising that fashion is cyclical and vowing never to part with a single item of clothing or accessory ever again.

Sarah Breen

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