Social Insecurities: Getting The Bus

SARAH BREEN on the DAILY ANXIETIES of modern life …


Truly believing that you have solved Dublin’s city centre traffic problem while figuring out how to avoid its frankly extortionate parking charges. Why didn’t you see it before?


Downloading the app and noting the next bus into town is due in ten minutes. Perfect! Although you haven’t dried your hair yet. Discovering there isn’t another one for an hour and a half.


Remembering you never replaced your Leap card after your wallet went walkies in Barcelona. Scouring the house for change and eventually rounding up 1.78 – assuming that’s more than enough for the bus.


Arriving at the stop just as it pulls in (thank you app!) and then faltering at the first hurdle – do you state your destination or chance a made-up fare?


Spontaneously choosing the former and nearly falling down the steps when the driver asks for 3.30. That’s an hour’s parking!


Thanking your fellow passengers who come to your rescue in a unanimous effort to keep the queue moving along.


Sitting upstairs and enjoying the unobstructed views straight into everyone’s kitchen extensions. Remarking to nobody in particular that Dermot Bannon has a lot to answer for.


Wondering when trampolines became such A Thing.


Being forced to listen to your neighbour braying into her mobile for 30 minutes about her co-worker’s body odour (but personally feeling she went over the top anonymously leaving a bottle of Lynx on his desk).


Bumping into an old friend just as you alight and accepting the invitation of a glass of wine. Why not make it two? You’re not driving.

Sarah Breen

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