Social Insecurities: Accessorising

SARAH BREEN on the daily anxieties of modern life …

Jacky Sheridan


Deciding that accessories truly maketh the outfit and vowing to embrace this season’s maximalism with gusto. Hurrah!


Excitedly purchasing a must-have necklace pouchette, oversized fluffy beret and clunky sneakers …


Pondering the Gucci balaclava. Could you pull it off? Would it be handy in the snow? Realising, sadly, that you’re not Rihanna.


Throwing on everything at once and feeling like the epitome of AW2018 chic.


Remembering Coco Chanel’s famous adage: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”.


Losing the beret. It was flattening your fresh blowdry anyway.


Googling how to hold your bag this season. At least that’s one update that won’t cost you anything.


Assessing your jewellery box. Dividing the contents into categories: “costume”, “fun”, “fine”, “demi-fine”, “holiday regret”, “unwanted gift”.


Trying to figure out where to put the pearls. Moving them to “classic” with the locket you got for your 21st and never wear.


Wondering when it all got so complicated. Dusting off that locket.

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