Share Your Story

We want to hear your #MINDOURSELVES story …


The art of writing is therapeutic, that’s why journaling has endured for as long as it has. To coincide with THE GLOSS Magazine’s #MindOurselves campaign in partnership with Butlers Chocolate Cafés, we would like you, our readers, to take the time to put pen to paper, reconnect with your thoughts and engage with your feelings in the form of a short story or first person feature. Have you struggled with your mental health but come out the other side? Or are you still struggling but have words of advice for others? Have you helped a friend, colleague or family member through a difficult time? Did you break up with your phone/social media accounts in a digital detox to help improve your mental health? Did you vow to take up yoga/pilates/mindfulness exercises in a bid to unwind, only to give up and feel worse about yourself? Or did you simply experience a fleeting moment of joy in an otherwise dark day, that has stayed with you? We want to hear your story in 1000 words or less. Submit your mental health story via email to or typed letter to Gloss Publications, The Courtyard, 40 Main Street, Blackrock, Co Dublin.

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