Shaping a Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens have lots of benefits, says guest poster David Dempsey of NOEL DEMPSEY DESIGN


“Modern kitchens are the way to go when there are space limitations or you want to maximise the advantages of integrated technology. We believe that careful planning of a streamlined kitchen design will result in a future-proof kitchen that will work for years to come.


When designing modern kitchens we consider all the details – making sure the space utilises contemporary materials and surfaces and has the right layout for cabinetry and appliances. We like to help clients consider how technology might be used to make their kitchen function better.


A tech-savvy kitchen design could include programmable smart appliances – refrigerators and cookers – and automation to make busy lives less stressful. It’s easy now to incorporate charging stations and TV screens, to Wifi-enable your kitchen so that you can operate lighting and appliances remotely. The point of all of this is efficiency. A good kitchen design should not just look great, it should be as efficient as it can be.”


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