Ripping Yarns: Domino Whisker

SS18 is all about a new spin on age-old crafts. We celebrate the perfectionism and perseverance of LOCAL DESIGNERS AND ENTREPRENEURS who are WEAVING A SPELL. This week we speak to DOMINO WHISKER

Photographed by Kyle Tunney at Haddington House;

Having spent her childhood feeling decidedly uncreative, Whisker has found a therapeutic outlet in embroidery.

HER HERITAGE: Since my mum [Mariad] is a fashion designer and my dad [Charlie] is an artist, I’ve always felt pressure to be creative. It didn’t come naturally to me.

THE TURNING POINT: I moved to California for a few years as an adult and when I returned [in 2015] my dad had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I started helping him with a project and as he began to lose his creative ability, I felt it was my turn to step up. I like the idea that he was passing it on to me. I had always watched my mum on sewing machines but they scared the living daylights out of me. There was lots of my grandmother’s embroidery framed around the house and I realised I could use a needle and thread. I liked the idea of mixing what my dad did with what my mum did; it felt organic and exciting. So I took a piece of fabric from Mum’s cutting room floor and started stitching. I’m completely self-taught: if you asked me what the stitches were called I wouldn’t have a clue.

A STITCH IN TIME: Stitching is therapeutic. It’s taught me patience too – when you make a mistake you have to pull out the thread and start again. That was important when I started looking after Dad.

MATERIAL GIRL: I was given some vintage Irish linen last year. It was probably a tablecloth – I love the idea of conversations and secrets being kept within the fabric.; Instagram @dominowhisker

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