Quick Look: Fresh Irish Design

Jewellery editor NATASHA SHERLING meets Irish designer HELENA MALONE to discuss her latest collection … 


A favourite thing about grabbing a coffee with jewellery designers is being privvy to what they inevitably pull out of their pockets. Recently, over an Americano and some Kombucha, Irish designer Helena Malone put the most incredible earring on the table; a stream of silver, punctuated by just three smooth pearls. It was one half of a pair that graced the catwalk of the Fashion Innovation Awards in Galway, where Malone won Jewellery Designer of the Year 2018. Dramatic, with a true sense of feeling free, these earrings are showstoppers, and are an extension of her Celestial Mechanics Collection first launched last year as an ode to rockpools and textures from the sea.



Malone has also forged slightly more accessible, wearable versions of the award winning earrings both with and without pearls – they still retain a key sense of movement and it’s this light-as-air feel and coastal inspiration that make them ideal for summer wardrobes. And having recently joined the Council of Irish Fashion Designers, and with several exciting projects due this season, we think she is worth keeping a close eye on over the next few months.

Natasha Sherling

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