How To Preserve Your Hair and Skin

Beauty editor SARAH HALLIWELL says it’s all about balance …

Stella McCartney SS19 photograph by Jason Lloyd Evans

If I was a teenager again, I would do two things, beauty-wise: stop sunbathing, and be more precious about my hair. You think you’re going to have thick, shiny hair for ever. So its decline can be harder to face than a few wrinkles. It’s not just me: a recent study by Viviscal found that over a third of us worry about our damaged hair. So why are we choosy about skincare, but then use a €6 supermarket shampoo full of rotten ingredients? As with the UV rays, you don’t realise the damage all that colour and heat-styling does until you’re a grown-up. So it’s timely that we are seeing a move towards less toxic hair dyes, chemical-free products and a generally more natural approach. Oi Organic salon in Dalkey inspires loyal devotees with their custom-mix natural powder colour, and range of organic shampoos (refillable). Try Vichy Dercos Detox Lightweight Conditioner, €14, at pharmacies nationwide. It’s time to think care before colour.

Balmain SS19 photograph by Jason Lloyd Evans

Just because new tech is available doesn’t make it a good idea. We’re holding firmly to the idea of preserving the face we have, rather than seeking to change it or “fight” entirely natural changes. We don’t all have to look smoothed and line-less. You can stick any amount of needles into your face, upholster and hoick bits of it up, but how you eat and exercise will have the best long-term impact. Fussy, lengthy skincare routines aren’t necessarily better (though the odd facial reminds us to clean our face properly; try a Tata Harper facial at Arnotts this month). We all know the cornerstones of preservation, really – no smoking or sunbathing, plenty of water and sleep. Boring, but true. Throw in a decent moisturiser, eat oily fish and learn to read skincare labels: “superfoods” in shampoo or serums are irrelevant unless you’re actually ingesting blueberries and kale rather than Mars bars. As with most things in life, it’s all about balance. Preserve and persevere.


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