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2 months ago

Our Top Five Favourite Outdoor Cooking Kits


The hot billow of a barbecue serves as the perfect olfactory backdrop to summer. Every chef’s ultimate weapon, one’s barbecue makes a great vehicle for all manner of fare – yes, even vegan – creating a kind of garden-hearth against its outdoor context. No other culinary tool can be used both as an excuse for, and a reason to, have a party outdoors. As a result it holds considerable power in your household, so be certain to select the right choice of garden stove for your midsummer gathering.

Professional stainless steel cart barbecue, €4399, www.agacookware.ie.

Most Irish barbecues rely on gas or charcoal as fuel. While gas is the more appealing option to the eco-friendly (it takes less time to preheat and burns cleaner than charcoal), the fact remains, it is a non-renewable resource. Recent environmental studies support advice to switch to natural forms of charcoal – such as lump charcoal – that come without the toxic additives usually found in typical charcoal. Also, forgo the lighter fluid in favour of charcoal chimney starter, and try to reuse your charcoal for next time.

Summit ceramic kamado charcoal grill, €2,980, www.weber.com/ie

The barbecue grill isn’t alone in the range of outdoor culinary tools available to us. Outdoor kitchens, often complete with worktops, cabinets and refrigerators, are an option for those keen to develop a second culinary realm to their home – albeit this one, outside.

Bespoke outdoor kitchen; www.capatina.ie

Stone Island outdoor kitchen, Grandhall, €2,695.95, at Brown Thomas.


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