My World At Home: Sara O’Neill’s Bohemian Townhouse

FASHION DESIGNER and stylist SARA O’NEILL‘s three-storey townhouse has a bohemian, MAXIMALIST FEEL

Name: Sara O’Neill Address: Portrush, Co Antrim My Home: A three-storey townhouse The Vibe: Modern meets bohemian

Al [Mennie, big wave surfer] and I both work from home and the house tends to reflect this, both in decor and “stuff”– there could be sketchpads and pencils in the living room, or a surfboard on the kitchen table at any given time. The overall look is quite bohemian and eclectic.

I think your home should reflect your personality, life and interests as much as your wardrobe does. I use the same ethos in interiors as I do in styling – I stick to a limited colour palette and add print and lots of texture. It means you can add layers and accessories without overwhelming the space. A small room can actually be ideal for a bold pattern which might be overwhelming on a larger scale; it’s all about playing with balance.

I recently designed a range of zodiac scarves for The Marvel Room at Brown Thomas and in researching star signs discovered that us Taureans love luxury, comfort and being surrounded by beautiful things. Most of my furniture is antique or vintage and I’ve inherited or been given many pieces over the years. I’m very sentimental when it comes to places and things.

I was heavily involved in the punk scene in my teens and twenties so customising clothes and interiors, and graffiti, are all part of that. I’ll still grab a paintbrush or have a go at reupholstering if I think it will make a piece look cooler.


LIVING ROOM: The living room has a maximalist feel. “I recently painted a leopard on this writing bureau I’ve had for years.” O’Neill found the wicker peacock chair in a local charity shop and the drinks trolley is from Creative Gardens;


THE KITCHEN: Is coastal and rustic, with a chunky limestone floor. “The dresser was built by my grandfather for my grandmother to display her collection of blue Willow pattern china and it looms large in my childhood memories. When she passed away a few years ago I was lucky enough to inherit it.” The couple picked up the mounted skull while travelling.


THE OFFICE: O’Neill’s home office is bright and airy. “I kept it white, black and grey to provide a completely neutral canvas for me to work in.”

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