Why Lisa Taddeo’s Three Women is the Most Anticipated Book of the Summer

An investigative work of non-fiction depicting the sex lives of three very real women, author LISA TADDEO hopes to inspire other women with her debut book …

Lisa Taddeo is the hot ticket this summer thanks to her debut book Three Women, an investigative work of non-fiction depicting the sex lives of three very real women. Taddeo spent eight years interviewing and observing her protagonists; Sloane from Rhode Island, the privileged co-owner of an upscale seaside restaurant whose husband enjoys watching her sleep with other men and women; Lina from Indiana, whose husband’s indifference drives her to sleep with her married ex-boyfriend; and Maggie from North Dakota, a troubled young woman obsessed with her high school teacher, with whom she had a sordid relationship when she was underage. Taddeo’s frank, honest writing style has already garnered celebrity fans in Dave Eggers, Gillian Anderson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Elizabeth Gilbert.

One of Taddeo’s main strengths is that she doesn’t whitewash or filter juicy details, making this book nearly impossible to put down once you’ve committed. For me, Three Women is not just a raw, explicit book about sex and female desire – it illustrates a very current reality where double standards still exist, and women carry blame for the behaviour of those they’re entangled with. On this issue Taddeo tells me, “I hope this book will inspire at least a few people to stop judging their neighbours, and inspire some others to tell their own stories. I believe the greatest place to start is for women to stop judging other women, to not compete with each other, to not be cruel.”

The film rights to Three Women haven’t been bought – yet. In the meantime, Taddeo has a novel and a collection of short stories for us to look forward to in the next two years, as part of a staggering seven-figure US book deal.

Three Women by Lisa Taddeo, €21 is out now.


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