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Getting Started on The Investment Journey

Jean Barry, Wealth Management Executive, Goodbody, on why women should invest …

Women have specialised financial requirements and Goodbody’s award-winning team of female wealth advisors always try to meet these needs in a personal and supportive way. What we really want to see is women taking greater control of their own finances and enjoying the benefits this brings at every stage of life. There’s a lot of media coverage around the gender pay gap but what strikes us as equally important is the gender investment gap.

So why invest? Because investing can make your goals and dreams a reality. The difference between a regular savings account and an investment account is the level of risk taken. Investing offers the opportunity to earn higher returns – money invested, however small, can grow into a significant amount over time, but you also take on the risk. That’s why investment education is so important.

The difference between a regular savings account and an investment account is the level of risk taken.

We are very excited to be involved with THE GLOSS X Goodbody Investment Club and we hope to show all our members how accessible it is to get started on an investment plan with the right knowledge and support.

The first event starts at 7.30pm on Wednesday October 13 and thereafter on the second Wednesday of every month, until March 2022. We plan to create a very relaxed environment where learning and participation is a positive, inspiring and enjoyable experience.

We will take you through the basics of investing, demystify financial jargon, show you how to interpret financial news pages, company charts, and how to evaluate and pick stocks and of course the practical mechanics of buying and selling them, with a fantasy fund of €250,000 to invest. There will be lots of lovely encouraging prizes along the way. We really look forward to you joining us. Register now at


Cash in the bank is earning zero or negative interest, a situation that is encouraging many savers to become investors. Tread carefully, arm yourself with knowledge and seek trusted advice as low interest rates, expensive equities and a volatile global environment can make investing quite the adventure.


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