Just One Thing: The Single Best Concealer We’ve Tried This Year

A NEW PRODUCT that trumps the rest, says beauty editor SARAH HALLIWELL


This week I discovered a product I’ve been trying to find for years, and I can’t quite believe it finally exists. It’s a basic, to use everyday, nothing new-fangled or fancy – but it out-basics every other one in my make-up bag and I’ll be ditching all others from here on in.

It’s a concealer. Which sounds boring, unless you use concealer in the most hard-working sense. For example, if you’re in your late-40s, like me, or beyond, and don’t actually like wearing foundation. It’s rather assumed in the beauty world that everyone who loves make-up wears a full face of “coverage” every day, but this isn’t true. One colleague, for example, always wears tinted moisturiser, and it’s absolutely the right thing for her lovely freckled skin – it gives a glow and a bit of base without being a mask of make-up (Laura Mercier’s Radiant Tinted Moisturiser is her weapon of choice, and probably my favourite too). We’re all on for liberating skin from the dreaded mask, and showing freckles, a natural glow and beyond.


But there are still bits you might want to just Tippex out: little veins, or dark circles round the eyes, or even emerging sun spots if you’ve been bold in sun in your early years. And so many concealers claim to be 56-hour-wear yet invisible and with incredible skin benefits, and just aren’t. Unless perhaps you’re 20, and don’t really have anything to cover up.

So the new Trish McEvoy Correct and Even Full-Face Perfector is heaven-sent, and absolutely lives up to the rest of McEvoy’s highly-regarded beauty collection (once you’ve been shown how to apply her Instant Eye Lift in an upside-down triangle beneath each eye you’ll never go back). The new Perfector is a bit thicker and a bit stickier than many concealers, which are simply too watery and dilute to do the job properly. It comes in four shades, plus a slightly scary orange-based Extreme version for real concrete coverage (recommended for brown spots and under-eyes, and to be worn beneath a foundation, though I think the regular four shades do the job just fine). I love the sleek silver tube and twist-up tube with sponge applicator – it can be blended on with a brush, a sponge, or just a finger, and it will not shift. It doesn’t look chalky, or shiny, or weird beneath the eyes, either, unlike many others – it just seems to blend in and brighten (it can also be used as a highlighter, if you’re good at stuff like that).

Trish McEvoy at The Marker hotel, Dublin last month

It’s €46 at Harvey Nichols – not cheap for a concealer, true, but when it’s taking the place of endless pumps of foundation that you really don’t need to wear, we reckon it’s a worthy investment. That’s our honest, unbiased opinion (and not an ad….). If you’re really indulging, treat yourself to one of the sleek white beauty cases to keep it in. It’s a decidedly impractical colour, but undeniably glamorous.

Trish McEvoy is at Harvey Nichols Dundrum and www.trishmcevoy.com.


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