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Is Your Teen Using the Right Skincare? Try These Tips


Guest beauty expert Leonard Daly talks teenage skin …

I am constantly being asked what helps with teenage skin, from models to clients for their kids. My first question is always: What are you using to clean your skin? This is the most important factor when it comes to spot-prone skin. If you are not using the correct cleanser, your skin will continue to break out. It’s key that teens wash their skin twice a day, morning and evening. And if they use a lot of make-up – and let’s face it most of them use more than they need to – they should double-cleanse, using the first cleanse to get rid of any make-up and the second to deal with their skin.

There are three cleansers that I recommend and none of them are expensive:

1 CeraVe, the American powerhouse skincare brand that I consistently talk about, has a few facial washes that are perfect for problem teenage skin. And, at last, they are launching the SA (salicylic acid) smoothing cleanser in Ireland. There are three products in the SA range, all helping to unblock skin and improve texture. From €12.50.

2 Cetaphil has been a favourite of dermatologists all over the globe for years. This low-lather wash will not strip your skin of its natural oils but it will unblock pores and gives you squeaky clean skin. This is what I always told clients to get before CeraVe was available here, but it would still be a firm favourite. Some months when I want to take a break from AHAs in my skincare routine, I buy a bottle of this and it works perfectly.

3 Finally Skingredients from The Skin Nerd Jennifer Rock is brilliant, the Sally cleanser is mega and you will always find a bottle in my bathroom. It is gentle yet active and will resurface your skin in a gentle manner.

Other key points: don’t forget to moisturise. Although most problem-prone skin is oily, and teenagers think that if you add moisturiser it will create more issues, by not moisturising, you’re creating other issues. Having dehydrated skin creates more problems so trust me, get a light moisturiser. One of my absolute favourites is from French brand Bioderma; I have used their products for many years. The Sébium range has been specifically designed for acne-prone skin and the AKN moisturiser is incredible.

Finally if skin does not improve with over the counter treatments, medical intervention may be necessary. For years different acne treatments have had terrible press. But untreated acne would depress anyone. Not only is it unsightly and may make you feel self-conscious but it can also be painful. The brand new Institute of Dermatologists in Dublin 4 has a team of registered consultant dermatologists, and this is a good starting point to ascertain what will help problem skin. And, unfortunately, sometimes just doing home care will not work. I would always recommend going to a dermatologist, to monitor both the skin and how any medication is affecting any area of the body, including mood.


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