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Irish-Made Bedding That Doesn’t Cost The Earth


Look for sustainably-made bed linen in natural materials for a good night’s sleep guaranteed …

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries. A place to unwind and forget about the issues of the day. To relax and read a book or listen to some music. And most importantly, to sleep. During the pandemic we know that many people struggled with their sleep – according to a recent Time magazine headline (which was particularly well received among Irish Twitter users) “quarantine has completely bollixed up your sleep cycle, wrecking what might have been the most predictable and peaceful eight hours of your day.”

It’s well documented that sleep can be affected by stress, anxiety and worry, instability and interruptions to your regular routine. And while there are things that may help with these issues – meditation, therapy, journaling, exercise – one other thing that may aid you in your quest to a better night’s sleep is knowing you are sleeping soundly on natural, organic bedding from Irish brands.

“Due to the lack of chemicals needed to produce natural fabrics the end result is bedding that is kind to skin and naturally soft to the touch, which in turn is a mood booster,” says Hannah Murphy, founder of new Irish natural bed linen company, Amurelle. “We spend one third of our life in bed so it is important to think about what we are sleeping in and its impact on both the environment and our own health. There are some really great health benefits to choosing natural fabrics to sleep in such as breathability, avoiding skin irritations and regulating body temperature.”

One of the main benefits of choosing natural fibres such as cotton and linen is the lack of chemicals required during production – synthetic materials such as polyester (which are often blended with cotton in bedding production) require the use of alcohol based chemicals to be processed. This in turn leads to harmful particles being released into our waterways and eco-systems which is damaging to already delicate marine life. In addition, natural fabrics are 100% biodegradable whereas poly-blended fabrics will end up in landfill and can never fully decompose. So not only are you treating yourself to a good night’s sleep, you are also helping the environment.

Better yet, these pieces will likely last you a lifetime (linen fabrics are known for their durability and actually get softer with every wash) so an investment now will pay dividends when you work out the cost per use. “Cotton and linen are breathable fabrics and are naturally insulating so they keep you warm in winter and cool in the warmer months,” meaning you can enjoy them all year round, says Murphy. “All Amurelle items are Oeko-tex certified which guarantees your sheets are made with respect for the environment and are entirely free of harmful chemicals so that you won’t lose sleep over how your bedding has been made.”

And if the panic of the pandemic has affected our sleep patterns, it has also caused us to look closer at the products we are buying and what we choose to surround ourselves with at home. “It seems that while the world outside is uncontrollable and frightening, we can create a haven in our own homes – ensuring we get the best sleep possible on beautiful bedding, enjoying home entertainment with comfy throws and blankets on our sofas, creating a “home spa” experience with beautiful towels and bathrobes in our bathrooms,” says Rebecca Winckworth, co-founder of natural Irish bedding company White & Green. “We have definitely seen a rise in people investing in their homes during the pandemic. As we could not go away on holidays or treat ourselves to restaurants or social events over the past number of months, people were spending more on their homes and ensuring it was as comfortable and peaceful as possible.”

It makes sense then if we are opting for wellness, peacefulness and a good night’s sleep that we would choose natural fabrics, even if it will cost us that little bit extra: “Natural fibres are a non-negotiable must-have for good sleep,” continues Winckworth. “Organic cotton is without a doubt better quality as it has not been chemically-treated in production. It is also safer for our skin. We are finally waking up to the fact that eating food sprayed in chemicals is really dangerous and unhealthy for our bodies. The next revolution will be the realisation that our clothing and bed sheets are also covered in toxic chemicals and bleaches, which, just like our laundry detergents, are absorbed into our skin.”

For extra benefits and an even sounder night’s sleep, opt for sleepwear made from natural fabrics. Our top pick is The Ethical Silk Company. Designed in Ireland and produced sustainably and ethically in India, the new Andaman Collection includes mulberry silk pyjamas (€245) and shorties (€180), robes (€195), slips (€95), camisole and shorts set (€120) and eye masks (€30) available in Andaman Blue and Andaman Green. Better yet? They are all machine washable.

Were sold. Though be warned, with these winning bed linen and sleepwear combinations you may be tempted to hit the snooze button more than once come morning…


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