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Inside the Jewellery Box: Sarah O’Dea


In this new series we peek inside the jewellery box of some of Ireland’s most fashionable women, this week jewellery editor Natasha Sherling gets a look at SARAH O’DEA‘s most treasured pieces …

Sarah O’Dea runs Three Bullet Gate, a calligraphy and design studio based in Dublin. She has created written props for film and TV, and works with event planners and private clients providing calligraphy and design services. She also runs modern calligraphy workshops throughout the year.

I wear gold and silver every day and like mixing the two metals. I wouldn’t describe myself as minimalist – I’ll often be wearing earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces at the same time. Since the arrival of my son, however, I’ve had to stop wearing some of the more jangly pieces! My hands are usually covered in ink and paint when I’m working so my wedding and engagement rings take a bit of a battering.

My most precious piece of jewellery is a paste choker I had my eye on since I was tiny. It belonged to my maternal grandmother and she passed it on to my mother. I remember always going into my mum’s room to take it out and try it on. I used to wonder why she didn’t wear it every day! Mum gave it to me when I was about 18 and I have since worn it to a few weddings and special dinners. It’s quite heavy and feels lovely to wear – and I love knowing both my mum and granny wore it before me.

One piece I never take off is a silver disc with a star cut out hanging on a gold chain. When I was in my early 20s and away travelling for a couple of years I did a jewellery making workshop in Yogyakarta in Indonesia, the star was the piece that I made and I have worn it for the last ten years. It has so many memories of such a happy time in my life. The other gold chain I wear daily is one I picked up in Lisbon last year when my husband and I were having a final holiday together before the arrival of our first child.

I wear gold hoops of some description pretty much every day and wore rose gold hoops on my wedding day. The ones I’m wearing at the moment I bought in Jenny Vander on Drury Street about three years ago. I wanted thicker hoops and asked if they had any about the width of hula hoops (like the crisps!) and they had these in a drawer – I think they are from the 1970s and I love the size.

Irene Neuwirth is a favourite jeweller, especially her pieces made with opal which is my favourite stone. Some day I’ll have to treat myself!

Natasha Sherling

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