How To Store Your Jewellery

Jewellery editor and designer NATASHA SHERLING shares her INSIDER TIPS on how best to store your fine jewellery …


As we come towards the end of January, we’re trying to tick off those last few things we vowed to get organised. One question I’m always asked revolves around the storing of fine jewellery.

In an ideal world, we would all have shallow drawers within our wardrobes, Princess-Diaries style, each one sliding out to reveal singles layers of our tiaras – but in fact one of the most effective and affordable (but admittedly less glamorous) solutions come in the form of tiny grip seal bags. It’s what most jewellers use themselves and for good reason – they stop metal from tarnishing, stack neatly wherever they are stored, and it’s a cinch to see what is where at a glance. Try Amazon for a range of sizes and use one per piece – for pendants, always dangle the last bit of chain out the top to avoid tangles. Individual earrings should be stored in separate bags, then the pair popped in another bag to keep them together – otherwise the gems and metals can scratch against each other.

The real bugbear with boxes is the inevitability of forgetting pieces that are kept out of sight under the top shelf! In reality they are impractical for every day, but ideal for travel  – Smythson‘s unabashedly luxurious boxes make my wishlist every time.


I do like the idea of having things on display; favourite pieces take pride of place in decorative dishes that vary from antique silver to Hermès and Dublin ceramics studio Karoart. These are ideal in particular for pearls, which need air to essentially breath, and stop from drying out – they do not do well locked for years on end in a dark box.

Last but not least, in particular when it comes to signed pieces – those from big design houses like Cartier and Tiffany & Co.; even when they are transferred to your storage of choice, try and keep the original boxes somewhere safe – if or when you go to offload the pieces, they will be much easier to sell (and can command higher prices) in original packaging.

Natasha Sherling

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