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How To Increase Your Energy Levels in Six Simple Steps


Sinéad de hÓra is an award-winning Irish intuitive specialist, who is on a mission to bring awareness back to your intuition. In her work she combines mindful therapies, massage techniques, meditation and visualisation to eliminate energetic blocks or limiting beliefs. She believes intuition is your internal compass. When connected, you’ll always find your way. Here she shares the tips that can transform your day …

Wouldn’t it be great to jump out of bed refreshed and excited, without needing or relying on a cup of coffee to get you through the day? We have our own natural rocket fuel inside of us that is just waiting to be used. I can help you access it so that you don’t need to rely on external factors to kickstart you in the morning. Like everything worth having, it will take dedication and practice. You will need to commit to doing these techniques every day for three weeks. I can tell you here and now that they will change your life. I can tell you that with confidence because they have changed mine. So, if you are ready to take action, keep on reading.

Awareness. If you don’t know how you feel then how will you know what to do to increase your energy levels? Creating moments of awareness throughout your day will help you to work with your body and energy to navigate through your day in harmony with your needs. The night before, visualise every aspect of your day ahead. Who you will speak with, what you will wear, how you will feel, what your mindset will be like, how your energy levels will be etc. As you do this, you will naturally start to become that energy because your intentions create your reality. Using a pen and paper or by making a mental note, state what you need to do throughout the day ahead to look after your energy levels. This could be through movement, meditation or eating delicious food, though this is not a finite list.

If you win your morning, you win your day. You have now visualised how you want to feel in the day ahead. What can you do in the morning to align yourself with that energy? As an example of one of my prep routines before I go to bed I roll out my yoga mat and leave it on my sitting room floor. Beside it, I place my journal and pen, a litre bottle of water, my oracle cards and my gym clothes of course. I also choose the inspirational music, podcast, meditation and/or workout class the night before so that I can jump out of bed in the morning and start off my day with ways that I know will fuel my energy. Remember, your morning routine starts the night before.

Rejuvenation through sleep. As you lie in bed, visualise the moon above you. The energy from the moon is connected to the divine feminine energy of creativity and intuition. With your eyes closed, imagine sending any energy that you may have absorbed from others to the moon to be cleansed and recycled. As you do so, imagine the moon is filled with your dreams and goals, as you deeply connect with your breath, visualise the light from the moon trickling into your body and filling your body with healing energy and the energy of your dreams and goals knowing that they have already been fulfilled. [Remember it is a pink Supermoon on April 26].

Gratitude. When you sleep you hit a restart button for your energy levels and first thing in the morning, you are in this new momentum of energy. The second you wake up you are in a brand new energy vibration. So, before your mind naturally reverts into how you felt yesterday, or what you need to do today, state in your mind all that you are grateful for. Rattle it off and feel every word throughout your body. You expand your energy as you align with gratitude. Focusing on gratitude first thing in the morning before you have been influenced by external factors will give you the opportunity for your brain to release dopamine and serotonin, the two crucial neurotransmitters responsible for our emotions. They enhance our mood immediately, therefore aligning us with high energy from the inside out.

Embracing the cold. You have already achieved your morning routine that you prepared the night before, now let’s awaken! We have all heard of the Wim Hof method by now – it’s a combination of deep breathing, cold, exposure and consistency. It is time to embrace the cold showers or if you can, try a #swimrise in the sea. By deeply connecting with your breath, and immersing yourself in cold water, it has been proven to have significant health benefits such as increased energy levels, improved sleep, reduced stress, improved focus and willpower, a stronger immune system and much more. Start slowly, perhaps you can stand in a cold shower for a minute, and in time build on that. I can guarantee you will feel alive, energised and ready to win your day afterwards.

Check in with your energy as much as you check your phone. If you gave half as much attention to your needs as you do your phone, you will be on cloud 9 in no time. There are two questions that I would like you to start asking yourself every single day” ‘how am I feeling? and ‘what do I need to feel like to be the best version of me?’We all know that motion releases emotion. We all know that through movement, nutrition, water, rest, meditation and nature therapy we will be able to live in harmony with our body and mind. We know the foods that bring us down, we know the habits that lower our vibration, but we don’t often put a stop to this. By checking in with your energy levels throughout the day, you will start to recognise when you need to move, when you need to refuel, what foods your body is craving, and perhaps you need some shut-eye for five minutes to gain clarity for your upcoming meeting. Start bringing your focus inwards to your heart centre. Start honouring your mind, body and energy by witnessing what it needs. Would you ignore your child if he/she told you it was hungry or needed to play? No you wouldn’t – you would fuel help them to fulfil their needs.

Take your time with these techniques to see what works for you. If you can, set little reminders on your phone or leave notes around your house that remind you to check in with how you are feeling. I’ve found the ultimate key to increasing your energy levels is awareness.

Need to Know: Sinéad will be co-hosting a unique five-night retreat at Creacon Wellness Retreat, Co Wexford in September 2021 along with Celine Doyle, founder of Minding Me Wellness. Together through yoga and intuitive guidance, they will guide participants on how to understand and unlock their intuition to connect with their passion and purpose. @sineaddehora


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