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2 months ago

How to Get Luminous Skin at Every Age

Clarins Nutri-Lumière range consists of four exceptional products – here’s how to use them in your daily routine …

We don’t believe in “anti” ageing. We are not defined by our age and don’t think in these terms – we just want exceptional skincare that supports and protects our skin, and enhances its natural beauty. We want to feel comfortable in our skin and know that it’s as radiant and healthy as it can be.

As we get older, our skin needs a little more support and care. Skin can be lacking in key nutrients after the age of 60 and so it makes sense to turn to brands we trust and products that are specially designed to help skin at this stage. Clarins have a skincare range to suit everyone, at any age and any stage in your life – and the Clarins Nutri-Lumière range has been developed specifically for women aged 60-plus. It is the result of expertise in research and the use of specific plant extracts to achieve optimum results. Three years of research and development, in fact, and some 240 formulation tests.

By delivering key nourishment, Nutri-Lumière can help to restore the skin’s luminosity. The Nutri-Lumière range consists of four exceptional products – and here’s how to use them in your daily routine:

1 Nutri-Lumière Renewing treatment essence is the first essential daily skincare step for skin full of vitality. Use morning and evening after you’ve removed make-up and cleansed: you’ll find your skin instantly absorbs this smooth, gentle lotion, which perfectly prepares it to fully benefit from further skincare products, and creates a beautiful base for make-up. €65.

2 There are two choices for moisturising: use whichever texture of day cream/emulsion that suits your skin depending on season or your skin’s condition. First, there’s Nutri-Lumière Jour Nourishing, revitalising day cream, a nourishing and revitalising cream that melts onto your skin, and restores radiance to nutrient-depleted skin using organic plant oils and extracts. It’s perfect for skin that can be dry and, as with the rest of the range, has a soft pink fragrant texture. €110.

3 For a lighter day cream, choose the Nutri-Lumière Nuit Nourishing, revitalising day emulsion. It’s equally nourishing and revitalising, but with a super-lightweight, non-greasy oil-infused texture that’s supremely comfortable and easy to wear. It is a beautifully light choice for warmer days. €110.

4 At night, treat your skin to the Nourishing, rejuvenating night cream. With a comforting, melting texture and exceptional plant extracts, you’ll wake with skin that’s revitalised, nourished and illuminated. An indulgent treat for the skin. €115.


Years of innovative research have led Clarins to develop a combination of powerful ingredients harnessed to help restore the skin’s full luminosity. The key active botanical extracts are derived from the Horse Chestnut flower and fruit. Fragile horse chestnut flowers are hand-picked and carefully extracted to preserve the richness of the active molecules, while organic horse chestnut flower extract helps to stimulate the skin’s micro-nutrient network. By combining powerful extracts from both flower and fruit, Clarins Research have developed a unique formula with key ingredients that act on the micro-nutrient network of nutrient-depleted skin.

Other vital extracts in these formulas include organic wakame, a seaweed extract to help protect and fortify the skin; organic harungana, leaf of life, organic desert date, huang qi, hibiscus sabdariff, flower acids and organic oat sugars. And of course the Clarins anti-pollution complex, which helps protect skin from the harmful effects of pollution.


What can Nutri-Lumière do for your skin? Put simply, it can bring back the brightness. By nourishing the skin with these powerful botanical ingredients, the skin regains its youthful radiance. Clinically proven results show this exceptional skincare helps to revitalise the skin and restore its radiance. In clinical tests, after one month’s use of Nutri-Lumière Jour, the skin’s luminance index – or light reflected and reemitted by the skin – increased by +12 per cent. So this skincare doesn’t just feel like a treat on the skin – it works like a treat, too.


You can rest assured that sustainable and responsible practices are at the heart of Clarins. From the glass jars, made of 25 per cent recycled glass, to the packaging cardboard, from sustainably managed forests, Clarins takes its responsibilities to the environment seriously. Its partnership with Jardins du Monde has seen Clarins develop a fair trade programme in Madagacar for several plant extracts, supporting local communities.

Discover the Nutri-Lumière range online at and at pharmacies and stores nationwide.


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