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How to Clean Your Jewellery


Soap is a major culprit for getting stuck in jewellery, dulling its shine – and as we have all upped the hand-washing ante, here are a few quick and easy tips to keep your fine jewels sparkling. Even if we are washing our hands regularly, rings can hold a lot of bacteria and so need to be cleaned individually. Costume jewellery is unfortunately a lot trickier to clean – the best advice in that instance would be to take it off while cleaning hands as soap, water and the chemicals in antibacterial solutions will tarnish and dull non-precious metal. Hand sanitiser will damage costume jewellery but is fine for most precious jewellery – apart from pearls and opals which should be removed beforehand. 

Step 1

First and foremost, as far as we’re concerned, gin is for drinking – so ignore the old wives’ tales about using spirits as a cleaning agent and instead reach for a humble bottle of fairy liquid. Grab a toothbrush, a bowl of warm water and a soft cloth, and you’re ready to begin.

Step 2

Over your bowl of warm water (if you must use the sink, make sure the drain is plugged!) pop some detergent on a toothbrush and start scrubbing – it really is the best tool for removing surface residue and fits really well between prongs. For really hard-to-reach areas, inter-dental brushes (available from most pharmacies) work brilliantly.

Step 3

Rinse well then dry with a soft cloth – and you’re done! Do this as often as you like with fine jewellery – but for a really deep clean (and a check on clasps, prongs and anything else) drop in to your local jewellery and they’ll no doubt get it sorted out in no time at all.


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