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Having a Solo Christmas? Read This


If you find yourself alone this Christmas, embrace the upsides. Be gentle with yourself. Feeling bad about feeling bad just makes matters worse. CUT YOURSELF SOME SLACK. Let go of your guilt about feeling less than festive. A huge percentage of people, both those with children and those without, admit to feeling blue at this time of the year. If you aren’t in the mood to be around nosy relatives or pass-remarkable co-workers, make a different choice. FIND AN ALTERNATIVE ACTIVITY, one that feeds your soul, instead of eviscerating it. 

Most attractions and services are closed on Christmas Day, but nature is not. Head out of the house – everything outdoors seems to slow down and become more peaceful. Why not offer to take the neighbours’ dog with you, if they’re going to be too busy to go for walkies themselves? Embrace the emptiness: walk on uncluttered streets, enjoy having the place to yourself. 

Spend some time volunteering, which is great for giving back, and one way to gain a better appreciation for the good things in your life. 

Book a night in a hotel This will make sure you’re afforded with all the luxuries of a holiday, without any of the post-Christmas clear-up. You can also make use of the hotel bar and restaurant, where you can, if you wish, to chat to fellow guests in the evening. So, even if you fancy holing up in your room for most of the day, you can still pop down for some human interaction before retreating to your comfortable room, or the hotel’s spa.

Are your children living abroad? Set up a group Skype chat, complete with a glass of your favourite tipple. Put on your party hat and smile at your grandkids. You don’t even have to get off the sofa. 

Enjoy watching your favourite films. Or choose a television series that you’ve been longing to watch from beginning to end. 

Find a book or two and snuggle up in a warm corner and read away. Perhaps you can listen to an audio book, so that you have hands free to eat your Terry’s chocolate orange, while wearing a luxurious face mask.

Try a little Yoga in between shows or chapters so that you get a little bit of exercise. And voila! You have the perfect solo but definitely not so low day even if you are alone at Christmas! 


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