GLOSSIP: Kitchen Nightmares & Wexford Festival Opera

In this week’s GLOSSIP: INTELLIGENT GOSSIP you won’t hear anywhere else… KITCHEN nightmares, MEDICAL magic and FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS at the Wexford Festival Opera


Surely it cannot be true that a Dublin restaurant allegedly went to great lengths to hire a dynamic new chef, enticing him with a budget of €150,000 to spend on re-fitting the kitchen, only for him to decide that the move wasn’t the right thing for his career after all. The glamour dividend associated with restaurant investors pre-boom completely disappeared in the recession era, along with many of the restaurants themselves. Now, some are reappearing (the Unicorn, for one, has just opened again) but one hopes with fat capital reserves so they aren’t shuttered in the first six months, the fate for most. As one well-known restauranteur put it, “Restaurants are like babies, they take six months before they sleep at night.”

Morehampton Road has become the byword in cometic medical care with DR SHUNIL ROY joining longterm resident consultant dermatologist DR WENDY WALSH on the street (not in practice). His new procedure “the silhouette lift” is non-invasive, involves passing tiny threads under the skin, anchoring them in position for lifting and tightening. “A bit like closing a drawstring shoebag,” said one patient whose jowls let down her otherwise  youthful appearance. She also raves about the platelet plasma treatment he applied to her thinning hair. Platelets are harvested from your own blood so it’s recycling at its absolute best.

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Anyone who has attended Wexford Festival Opera (this year, October 21-November 1) knows it’s a glam experience: productions with the world’s best operatic talent, and one of the few remaining opportunities to wear proper evening dress. Those in the know are “Friends” of the Festival, friends with benefits. At Harvey Nichols on September 10, friends will be treated to Prosecco and canapés as they avail of beauty treats, style advice and a nice discount, and a preview of this year’s Festival, when soprano RACHEL CROASH (PwC Wexford Festival Opera Emerging Young Artist, above) gives a recital.

Image via Melissa Johnson