GLOSSIP: Divorce Cookbooks & New York’s Baby Boom

In this week’s GLOSSIP: INTELLIGENT GOSSIP you won’t hear anywhere else… BRIBING YOUR WIFE for academic success… DIVORCE cookbooks… and NEW YORK’S baby boom…


1. We’ve heard of one mompetitor who is on a performance-related bonus, paid – by husband not boss – on foot of her children’s academic advancement. She sees it as a ticket to financial independence. More extreme versions of the wife bonus involve getting paid to look good, or to play nice at corporate dos. One recipient said it was a more honest reflection of what really goes on – the siphoning off some “housekeeping” to buy the latest Vuitton.

2. In France, a cookbook for newly single men has just been published. La Cuisine du Divorce is aimed at hommes who have hardly set foot in a kitchen before, and now find themselves having to rustle up family meals at the weekend when they have the children. Given the alarming rate at which long-established marriages are falling asunder these days, we could probably do with an Irish version.

3. Downsizing is all very well, but what about having to move to a new area and losing touch with friends and neighbours? In Austin, Texas, a group of chums has solved the problem by creating what they call a Bestie Row, a small compound in which they will all live and grow old together. At first they considered one large house, but realised that personal space was necessary even for the closest of friends. Architect MATT GARCIA has designed one central building with a shared kitchen and dining area, and space for guests. Each couple also has a private eco-friendly cabin with bedroom, bathroom and sitting area.

4. Among the affluent in New York, there’s a baby boom, with families of three and even four children the surest way to demonstrate deep pockets. In areas such as Tribeca, the Upper East Side and Brooklyn Heights, the evidence of a child-centric ethos is clear to see in the demand for larger apartments and weekend nannies, stroller gridlock on the streets and car services that cater to five-year-olds.

Anna Groniecka #2

5. Cork author LOUISE O’NEILL, whose debut novel, Only Ever Yours, won The Bookseller’s YA Book Prize earlier this year and has since been added to the syllabus at a Spanish university, is on a roll. The book’s much anticipated sequel, Asking For It (out September 3), is set to be one of the most talked about releases of 2015, say industry insiders

Image via Anna Groniecka