Gigi Hadid Tells Us About Her Latest Collection For Tommy Hilfiger



What inspired you for the fourth Tommy X Gigi capsule collaboration?

Spring 2018 celebrates speed and racing. We’ve combined Tommy’s love of motor sports with my personal twist on athleisure style. The strong, confident and modern “Tommy Girl” inspired us throughout the design process.

What are your favourite pieces in the collection?

I personally love the way the windbreaker jackets turned out. I’m happy with the shapes and their ability to be worn as a fashion statement that is functional.

What is the co-design process when collaborating with Tommy Hilfiger?

Tommy has been an amazing design mentor and we’ve had a lot of fun creating all our capsules. I’ve learned so much about the importance of executing a design correctly for what I want from each look, and finding inspiration in everything around me.


Tommy Hilfiger loves motor sports and the theme of the collection is “speed”: what are your favourite sports?

When I was younger, I was a really competitive horseback rider and volleyball player. Now, I love to box, which requires a lot of speed, agility and power. I always feel energised after a boxing session.

What fascinates you about racing and why?

The technical aspect, the different ways they modify the cars to race differently, what the driver speaks to his team about while driving 200 mph. Everything is intriguing.

Do you remember your first driving lesson?

Yes, my driving teacher would pick me up from school in a really embarrassing lime green “student driver” car.

The Tommy X Gigi collection launches online on February 25.

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