Get To Know Irish Actress Rebecca O’Mara

RECEIVING BOUQUETS and wearing FABULOUS FLORAL costumes is part of the job for actress REBECCA O’MARA


1. FLOWERS. I love receiving flowers and on every opening night my mother gives me a bouquet from The Garden in Powerscourt Town Centre, usually anemones and hyacinths. I love Victorian, old-fashioned posies rather than decadent bouquets. 2. SCENT is important to me. I wear Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle and my co-star Shane O’Reilly recently gave me a lemongrass and cedar candle by The Handmade Soap Company – an Irish brand, which I burn in my dressing room. 3. GYPSY THE MUSICAL was my first theatre experience when I was about six. My mother took me to the Gaeity theatre and Rosaleen Linehan was the star. I think I decided there and then that I wanted to be a show girl. The actresses I really admire include Julianne Moore, Amy Adams and Anne-Marie Duff. 4. GLAMOUR. A lot of actresses perpetuate the myth that this is a glamorous job – it’s not. It can be physically and emotionally draining with anti-social hours. Amanda, in Private Lives, my most recent role, is an outrageously bad-behaved character. She is vicious and hilarious at the same time. 5. MY COSTUMES. When I played Desdemona (at the Abbey Theatre) I wore Hobbs dresses and I find the label really suits me. The costume designer on Othello, Peter O’Brien, also made me a beautiful 1920s suit complete with cloche, which I got to keep. I also wear a floral pyjama suit and dressing gown in Private Lives, and it feels like liquid silk. 6. THE FUTURE. I turned 40 this year and am really excited about the decade. I had a low-key celebration with friends at Pichet. I am open to new experiences and don’t want to limit myself to theatre work. Marianne Williamson’s phrase from A Return to Love, “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure,” resonates at the moment. 7. FENG SHUI. I am a huge believer in feng shui and have recently cleared the energy in my apartment in Booterstown. A friend bought me Zephorium Rose Oil Love Surrender Aura Spray; I spritz it and say the affirmation it suggests on the bottle. 8. WICKLOW. My father has the most beautiful garden in Tinahely, Co Wicklow. I haven’t inherited his green fingers and tend to overwater plants. My favourite flower is the orchid. 9. WEEKENDS. I love Dún Laoghaire, especially The Greenhouse Project, where I have facials with my mum. I visit my godchild there and we go to The People’s Park on Sundays. I also love Yoghanda Relax organic lavender and vetiver oil, made in Dún Laoghaire. 10. BEAUTY ROUTINE. I keep it simple; when I have a day off I allow my skin to breathe and only use MAC’s Strobe Cream. I rate Trilogy’s Rosehip oil and Skyn Iceland’s Brightening eye serum and swear by Epsom salts. 11. TV ROLES. My character in Red Rock was a police sergeant who is totally obsessed with her job and has an inappropriate sense of humour. I enjoyed acting with Daniel Mays in Line of Duty. 12. HOLIDAYS. I’m going to Crete on holiday. My father has a small place near Almyrida. I only relax when I’m beside water, which is one of the reasons why I moved from London back to Ireland.

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