Freeze Away Fat With Coolsculpting At River Medical



Coolsculpting at River Medical is a one of a kind treatment that freezes away fat cells permanently, with no needles or down time. There’s good reason that over 6 million procedures have been carried out worldwide; this treatment really works.

Did you know there’s a big difference between weight loss and fat loss? When we lose weight our fat cells become smaller but the number of fat cells remain the same. This means if we put on weight the fat cells simply get bigger again, and our weight fluctuates, again and again.

Incredibly and uniquely, Coolsculpting actually reduces the number of fat cells by cooling them to a temperature where your own body and metabolism naturally eliminates them. Better news still, once the fat cells are killed off they cannot return; and so that fluctuation doesn’t take place any longer.


Coolsculpting actually reduces the number of fat cells by 25% with each treatment. The ideal candidate is in relatively good shape and fit and healthy to begin with, with stubborn areas of exercise-resistant fat. Expect to see results as early as three weeks in with the most dramatic results from one to three months. Areas that Coolsculpting can treat include tummy/side, inner/outer thighs, bra fat, under the chin, above the knees and arms. River Medical is Ireland’s leading Coolsculpting expert successfully treating patients since 2011, for a free consultation contact River Medical or visit

To find out more about the treatments that River Medical offer, secure your place at their exclusive event on Wednesday May 16 at 5 Herbert Place, Dublin 2 at 6pm, where they will offer free consultations, live demonstrations, an exclusive 20% off and a competition for one person to win a treatment. RSVP is essential, to do so email or phone 01 6629106.

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