The Foundation That Lives Up To Its Luxury Status

As Beauty Editor SARAH HALLIWELL admits, sometimes high price buys don’t stand up to their luxury price tags, but LA MER has truly succeeded in producing a CULT FOUNDATION

Honestly? Some expensive beauty buys don’t justify the price – they dazzle us with swanky packaging but don’t deliver anything better than your high-street or pharmacy favourite.

But some genuinely feel and perform that much better than their cheaper peers, and one of those is La Mer‘s The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation SPF20, which we’ve been addicted to since the press preview in early August.

Yes, it’s La Mer in colour form, and it’s as good as it sounds – it glides beautifully onto skin, as if you’re smoothing on moisturiser rather than (as with many foundations) a layer of skin-suffocating powdery colour.


The tiniest drop goes a long way, and your skin will glow when you wear it. I could talk about Miracle Broth, liquid crystals, algae and marine peptides, but really, all you need to know is that it blends in miraculously well, veiling even the most stubborn areas of redness or dark spots, weightlessly, and your skin feels better, not worse, for wearing it. “Radiance” is an over-used word when it comes to foundation – what looks most radiant, really, is well-looked-after skin – but in this case, it’s the most appropriate.

We hate to love it so much, as we’re aware €100 is a LOT to spend on a foundation – but think of it as skincare and make-up in one glass pot, not to mention UV protection into the bargain. It’s all about cost per wear … We’re even decanting it into a small plastic pot to take it whenever we travel, too. It’s that good.

Image by Jason Lloyd Evans

Sarah Halliwell

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