Flik Flak: Keeping Kids On Track

Jewellery editor NATASHA SHERLING loves these SWISS MADE WATCHES for kids that help them to learn to tell the time …


According to Flik Flak, kids start to wear watches from the age of three, and begin really telling the time by age five. And by age seven, they have such hectic schedules (don’t we all), a trendy watch is key for them to learn about keeping an eye on the time in a bid to juggle all their activities. The brand is really all about teaching time, wrapped up in a fashionable bow – the name actually refers to the two names of the characters that make up the minute and hour hands of the early-level models – Flik, in his blue checked shirt, runs between the blue minute markers, while his sister Flak wanders from each red hour marker to the next in her red dress. For older kids, the characters make way for more minimal hands – maintaining the blue/red colour code of their predecessors. On a practical level, the faces and cases are smash resistant, movements are Swiss, the fabric straps are soft – and the whole piece can be thrown into the washing machine (inside a tied pillowcase or maybe even a sock) to keep it looking clean and new.



I’ve always loved this baby sibling of Swatch’s; they renew colours and patterns every season, just like their grown-up versions. Prices start at a very reasonable €30 for many styles, making them just the ticket for birthday presents (and, particularly at this time of year, Communion gifts). It’s a great way to get children into the practical habit of wearing a watch but their patterns are so smart I only wish my wrists were a bit smaller, particularly to fit into this summer’s favourite piece, with its preppy red and blue canvas strap.

Natasha Sherling

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