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Film Noir: Will You Try Black Lipgloss This Season?


“I wanted to explore other colours within black and white. The undershades and the inbetweens.” There’s more to black and white than meets the eye in Chanel’s new make-up collection, Noir et Blanc de Chanel, with Lucia Pica celebrating the brand’s signature monochrome – in surprising ways. “I love the power of black and white,” she says. “They tend to be seen as the absence of colour – or the culmination of all colours – but Gabrielle Chanel gave them a unique power, making them colours in their own right.” Pica found herself inspired by the city of Paris and its oppositions: the mystery of dark shadows, the play of light, the swirling reflections of the Seine at night. “I felt there was a way to find the story in between black and white, such as the smokiness of grey and rouge noir; platinum bronze and lacquered dark berry.”

I love the power of black and white. I like the idea that they could almost be seen as quite abstract and yet are so clear.

Glossy liquorice lips looks chic on models, but can we all carry off such a dramatic look? Look, it might a bit much for breakfast time. But the Laque Noir gloss (the darkest Chanel have ever done) brings joy to our inner teenager, and puts the glam into goth. It’s so glassy and intense, it feels part punk, part sophisticate. I don’t care if it suits me or not, I just love it. A few tricks: apply a warmer lipstick first to make it softer and less stark. And keep skin and eye make-up to a minimum: paired with tons of foundation and big lashes, it could be alarming. If you’re wearing autumn’s black leather or tweed, it’s an ideal accessory (I prefer it with jeans and Doc Martens).

The Ombre Premières for eyes are also far from scary – they give the finest veil of shine. “It’s all about making things feel good on the skin as well as look good,” says Pica. Wear alone, or over any eye colour for added translucence. And this is what makes Pica’s take on make-up so fresh: intriguing textures that are quick to use and offer endless possibilities for playing. She knows what we want to wear. This is modern monochrome, and anything but basic … 

Noir et Blanc de Chanel fall-winter 2019 collection is at counters nationwide.


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