8 months ago

Fashion Designer Roland Mouret is in Town


The Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA) will host an art and fashion experience with French fashion designer Roland Mouret and Dublin-based visual artist Dragana Jurišic in the first “RHA X” immersive exhibition, designed to create “an intersection between cultures, perceptions, aesthetics and art forms.” Mouret told THE GLOSS: “The RHA X installation in which I collaborate with Dragana, will evolve year on year; we want to question key things in the collaboration – Brexit, our future, our freedom and what we stand for. Dragana and I are in sync, especially as bystanders to the struggle between creativity and culture.

I do not define myself as an artist and have approached this project with humility. It’s about an experience that is not based on fashion or clothes. For me the dress is no longer a product of luxury but the shell of identity. We’ve moved on from that notion because of the transformative #MeToo voice and I’m so proud to be a part of that conversation. I consider clothes as best friends. When you have to deliver, these pieces are your support system. My creativity has been evolving – seen in looser designs, with greater fluidity in movement. Clothes are a power, not a jail or a restraint. If I have to create for the sake of creating then I don’t want to be a part of that process. I define myself as a voyeur of the world – I have an open mind and as I look around, I find the world is an amazing source of inspiration.”

RHA X is open November 16 -17; www.rhagallery.ie.


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