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Everyone’s Walking The Dog! Part Twelve


How are dogs – and their owners – faring in lockdown? We invited owners to share, and want you to share too … tag @theglossmag in your pictures and videos on Instagram and use the hashtag #GlossyDogs …

High-end hounds and cossetted canines are having to learn new tricks in this pesky lockdown. Not only are the legs being walked off them on a daily basis but home, usually partially deserted at given times, is a now constant whirl of activity. There are endless Zooms, round-the-clock supervision and no sneaky snoozing in the master suite.

The life of lockdown dogs is harder than it seems. Their owners’ tempers are frayed. No one is going to the office or school or gym or golf or even for a coffee; teenagers are acting out, mothers haven’t a second to themselves and men, having taken possession of prime real estate at home to WFH, have extended their dominion to rule every kitchen.

How are dogs and their owners faring in lockdown? We invited owners to share, and want you to share too … tag @theglossmag in your pictures and videos on Instagram and use the hashtag #GlossyDogs.

Chupi Sweetman with her mum Rosita and dogs Poppy and Rufus

When jewellery designer Chupi Sweetman and her husband Brian set out to adopt a dog, they ended up going home with two and have never looked back …

“When the lovely lady in Dog’s Aid Sanctuary asked us which one of the gorgeous dogs we wanted to look at I was overwhelmed, how could we choose just one? But my husband Brian pointed towards the back of the enclosure and said “That one hiding in the corner please, she looks like she needs a family”. A week later when we went back to officially collect Poppy the team said that her brother Rufus was having to be isolated from the rest of the dogs as he was being bullied and could we possibly take him even for a few weeks? He never went back.

Pre-Covid the dogs would come to the Chupi studio with us every day, they simply adored it as it meant pets from thirty people and endless snacks and treats. Working from home has been lovely, but I think they can’t wait to see their team again. I often get asked how they are with our little girl Aya who arrived last summer. They have been incredible with her, she’s now crawling and chasing them around the place but their patience is remarkable and when I curl up on the sofa to feed Aya they are both there with me.

Poppy and Rufus are the very best of friends, a joyful part of our life since 2014. Brought up in Wicklow I love nothing better than going for a long walk in the countryside, watching our two little rescues bouncing through the hills living their very best lives brings me such joy!” @chupisweetman

Arlene McIntyre and Sweetie and Boo

Creative Director of Ventura Interior Design, Arlene McIntyre has her hands full with Sweetie, Boo and her 18 month old daughter, Ally  …

“I never thought I could love another pair of dogs as much as I did my first two bichons but when we first met siblings Sweetie and Boo our hearts melted all over again.

We often joke that we live in their home – but it’s true! Sweetie is the boss and little Boo rows in with anything that’s happening on the day. We always enjoy sending out regular “pupdates” to our family and friends about how they are getting on, especially when they were small. We thankfully live near Phoenix Park so a daily long walk in the park come rain, hail or snow is part of our routine.

They celebrated their third birthday on the 4th of November. I’m amazed at how close they are with one another – I always worry if something ever happened to one of them, the other would be heartbroken.

Before the pandemic we would always bring them into the office where they would sleep in their day beds. When we come home in the evenings we love cuddling up with them on the sofa where they get endless belly scratches and cuddles.

I had a lovely portrait done of them both by English artist Sarah Moser. Sweetie has a crown of flowers on her head and little Boo has a blue dickie bow. It makes me laugh every time I look over at it.

Our little girl Ally is 18 months old now and adores them. It’s lovely to see the three of them interacting together and to watch how protective they are over her and how they give her little kisses all the time. We put Sweetie and Boo’s leads on indoors and let Ally walk them around the house, which they willingly do!

We could not imagine our lives without them in it and we hope we have them around for many more years to come.” @venturainteriordesign www.ventura.ie  


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