Elderflower Cordial To Sip In The Sun

TRISH DESEINE shares a simple recipe for delicious ELDERFLOWER CORDIAL to keep in the fridge …


After such a glorious bank holiday weekend you might by now have noticed creamy, flouncy elderflower blooms flowering above the foxgloves in hedgerows and gardens.

Making delicious cordial from them does not have to turn into a full on bottling production line. Make enough for one bottle at a time and keep it fresh in the fridge for the next ten days or so. All you need is sugar and a few lemons.

Elderflower Cordial

For 1.5 litres; 15 minutes preparation, 24 hours infusing 

20 medium heads of elderflower

1.5 litres water

1.5kg sugar (you can use a little less if you prefer)

2 lemons, zest removed with a vegetable peeler, then sliced

Remove as many stalks as possible from the flowers.

Bring the water to the boil with the sugar in a large saucepan until it’s dissolved. Remove from the heat, add the lemons.

Swish the flowers in a bowl of water to remove any insects, dust etc. Shake off excess water.

Plunge the flowers into the hot liquid, stir gently, cover & leave to infuse 8- 24 hours, depending on your patience. Check the taste from time to time.

When you’re happy with it, strain the cordial & pour it into a bottle. Keep refrigerated.


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