Do You Have A Signature Scent?

Beauty editor SARAH HALLIWELL discusses the luxury of having a signature scent that is UNIQUE TO YOU

Parfumarija, 25 Westbury Mall, Clarendon Street, Dublin 2

“Luxury to me means the things that make me feel good,” says Irish interior designer Helen Turkington. “That might be a perfume, a lipstick or a piece of clothing. I found Escentric Molecules 01 perfume a few years ago and I never leave the house without a spray. It’s subtle and while you can’t smell it on yourself, others can and it apparently smells different on everyone.” Like Turkington, a daily luxury we’re unwilling to forgo in THE GLOSS office is a spritz of our favourite perfume; we don’t feel dressed without it. Yet finding “the one” often takes years, even decades.


Studies show our scent journeys invariably begin with an iconic perfume, before branching out in search of something more singular; hence the rise in niche brands. Combining two or more perfumes to create your own unique blend is a popular way to make a scent statement: we’re partial to Tom Ford’s Private Blend Patchouli topped with Venetian Bergamot. And now the experience of working with an expert to create a personalised fragrance has become the pinnacle for perfume lovers. Says Turkington, “I recently discovered Le Labo and I am visiting them in London in a few weeks to start the process of creating my own perfume – such a great concept and very affordable too. That’s my ultimate luxury.”


Roja Dove, Ex Nihilo and Floris also offer this service as does Dublin’s Parfumarija where the process lasts up to six weeks and starts from €3,000; you choose everything from notes to bottle for a single scent. And these days, luxury destinations have a signature scent to fix them in visitors’ memories: Galway perfumers Cloon Keen Atelier have created custom scents for The Shelbourne and Indigo & Cloth.

Sarah Halliwell

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