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Cool Christmas Gift Inspiration

The Must-Have collection of Flex’it bracelets by FOPE …

Italian fine jewellery brand FOPE’s Flex’it bracelets are the bestselling pieces across all of its collections. It’s no wonder, as they beautifully express the very essence of the FOPE brand – cool Italian styling, comfort, everyday luxury – and the unique patented flexible material.

If when shopping for a special Christmas gift, you have a contemporary piece of jewellery in mind, consider a Flex’it bracelet which will suit both men and women of all ages. If you love jewellery, you will appreciate the design of a Flex’it bracelet. If you are building your jewellery collection, this is a great piece to start with. You might be a committed FOPE fan – in which case, the Flex’it will work with any, or all, of the other FOPE pieces you already own.

Made in Vicenza, Italy by a family-owned company established in 1929, Flex’it bracelets offer everyday luxury, elegance and comfort, thanks to FOPE’s extraordinary flexible mesh of 18ct gold with tiny hidden gold springs lending pieces super flexibility and shape. The Flex’it system makes each bracelet easy to roll onto one’s wrist. Flex’it bracelets look cool and contemporary, and feel wonderful to wear, like a second skin. There is an opportunity to play and enjoy the collection in different ways, by stacking bracelets, for instance. And the minimal design makes them great to pair with virtually any other jewellery you love to wear, be it FOPE or not.

Flex’it’s distinctive bestselling design now features in a new collection of five Must-Have bracelets in the Prima, Solo, Vendôme, Panorama and Eka lines. Bracelet widths vary, and each bracelet features a divine little detail – a precious diamond, white or black, set in the “o” of the engraved logo.

There are lots of designs within the Must-Have collection, so you can choose a width that best appeals and the diamond detail that best expresses your personal style. The very essence of everyday luxury, Flex’it bracelets can be worn casually, or more formally, dressed up or down, and worn for multiple occasions.

If you would like to own a timeless piece to wear every day, which embodies the essence of the FOPE brand, a Must-Have Flex’it bracelet is for you. If you are buying your first FOPE piece, this is the perfect place to start. It could be just the first piece in a treasured lifelong collection. The beauty of FOPE is its timelessness and the fact that all FOPE Must-Have pieces work beautifully together.

FOPE is stocked at Weirs, Keanes and Hartmanns and may also be bought online at, with delivery in time for Christmas if you order online by December 12. Discover the FOPE festive selection.


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