Considering Preventative Botox? Read This First


You want to knock off a few years here and there, but without it being obvious. You’re open to mild treatments. For some, that includes injectables. When it comes to needles, there’s been a big rise in so-called “preventative” Botox. However, Botox is only preventative if it is kept up – once you start, you will need to continue. Jennifer Rock, founder of The Skin Nerd, tends to recommend prevention “predominantly with your skincare routine” over injectables, but notes it’s a personal preference. As for other interventions: “Microneedling, CACI and Ultherapy are certainly effective for helping the skin to appear younger. The results I’ve seen from these would have to be seen to be believed, and CACI and Ultherapy have the bonus of not needing downtime.”

“I suggest not starting so early,” says Lair. “The effect of a Botox injection lasts four to six months. There is a risk of a real addiction amongst young people. Botox can be useful to relax stress lines, contractions but be careful of the dose … a successful injection, whatever the age, has to be invisible and look natural.”

Good skincare can help delay interventions. Facialist Olga Kochlewska aims to “maintain the work clients have had done whilst boosting their skincare regime to balance the effects of natural and assisted beauty.” She has taken care of her own skin from a young age: “I am not against invasive treatments; it just depends how they are used. But I am not a fan of these treatments at a younger age when we really should be harnessing the skin’s natural abilities. Probably one day in the future I would consider a little bit of Botox because no matter how well we treat our skin, there is a natural ageing process at play. So if the therapy is in combination with a good skincare regime that’s already in place, why not?”

“I’d be in between”, agrees make-up artist Zoe Clark. “It’s knowing when to stop. It depends on each woman. And if it works for you, why not? But women are afraid of looking their age – and really it’s about looking good for your age, and being proud of it.”


A customised skincare programme is worth considering: brands like Biologique Récherche, the first to tailor a programme based on a DNA test, and SkinCeuticals; the Custom Dose Serum is made bespoke following detailed skin analysis (exclusive to Nuala Woulfe’s Nu Aesthetics Skin Clinic in Glasthule, Co Dublin). If pigmentation is a concern, laser is generally well tolerated, says Professor Tobin. “But the key is to try to prevent pigmentation with sunblock. Antioxidants such as vitamin C can help, and retinol, which has the most evidence as an anti-ageing element.” See for expert skin health advice and events.


Brow expert Lorna Farrelly thought hard before starting Botox three years ago. “I go to Dr Sami at Donnybrook Cosmetic Clinic because he has a light touch. And he will make you wait if he doesn’t think you need a top-up. I was so hesitant to get Botox; I never wanted to have that frozen look. But I asked everyone for recommendations and his name came up. I have it twice a year; I just want to look a better version of myself, around the frown lines. I send all my clients to him too.” If you are choosing this route, Farrelly notes, “you need to pare it back in other ways. For example, avoid having a hard line on your eyebrows: your forehead will look too flat, so you need to go a bit softer and fluffier.”


“Changes to your facial structure make your jawline sag around the age of 50,” says Neelu White, who offers non-invasive treatments such as the RF Collagen Wave facial, which heats up the deep layers of the skin, stimulating collagen and firming, at her clinic at 25 Liffey Street Upper, Dublin 1. She might combine the facial with sequential ultrasound and LED light depending on the client’s skin. For short-term firming and lifting, microcurrent treatments such as Facial Faradic EMS are rated by experts like Jennifer Rock; they stimulate muscles to give the face a workout. LED tools use near infrared light to boost circulation and brighten skin.


Cryotherapy uses extreme cold to brighten skin and target lines and wrinkles (€75 for a 40-minute express treatment). The Salt Facial (from €120) is a medical grade treatment with ultrasound and LED phototherapy to promote collagen production and the healingof the skin. You might have some flaking and redness the next day. South William Clinic and Spa, Dublin 2;

A full lip treatment will perfect your lip shape and cupid’s bow, while brows and liner last for a year or so. Areas are numbed, although pigment is stronger if less anaesthetic cream is applied. It’s not painful though can feel hot and stingy. Each area takes up to a week to flake and heal. Consultation and treatments from €625; colour boost within 12-15 months, from €375. Tracey Simpson at Beacon South Quarter, Sandyford, Dublin 8;; 0044 208 9952200.

“Brow lamination is massively popular at the moment – that brushed-up look, created using a chemical straightening product; it’s ideal for overplucked or wiry brows,” says Lorna Farrelly at The Brow Artist. From €70. Or if you’re feeling a bit brow-beaten, consider a lash lift: basically a perm that lifts lashes at the root. It looks natural and lasts for up to three months.

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