Closet Clearout: Tips On Household Management From Francis Brennan



Insert a little rack on legs into your kitchen cupboard to store extra tins and jars, and a rail into your under-sink cupboard for bottles of spray cleanser, etc.

Hang your ironing board on the back of a door, for extra space saving. I have also come across a brilliant folding ironing board that you can pull out from under a kitchen counter.

Drawer dividers don’t just help you to keeps socks and underwear under control: they can be used for clips, keys, tools, cutlery – anything that needs to be tidy and easily found.

If your children just throw their dirty clothes on the floor, put a small laundry hamper in each bedroom for them – they won’t have to throw their clothes a great deal further.

I have seen very clever uses for wine racks for more than just bottles of wine. Towels, letters, pairs of shoes … anything that you need to slot into a little niche.

You can repurpose a paper towel holder – the type with a little dowel that fits into a base – by sliding bangles or hair ties onto it.

Plastic pocket holders are great for shoes but for everything else too, because you can see what you are looking for immediately. You can pin one on the inside of your cupboards to store anything from sponges to small packets of spices or herbs.

Francis Brennan

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Excerpted from Francis Brennan’s Book of Household Management, €16.99, published by Gill Books, out now.

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