Classic Kitchen Ingredients

See how guest poster David Dempsey of NOEL DEMPSEY DESIGN combines the classics: MARBLE, precision joinery and LUXURY ELEMENTS


“Many clients come to us and say they want a classic style kitchen – but they’re not quite sure what makes it classic. For us, a classic kitchen is defined as having a timeless feel: a simple design that combines the use of ingredients like stone and marble and high-quality cabinetry in neutral shades with good lighting, flooring and appliances. The overall design must function well. Everyone wants a kitchen that stands the test of time – you do not want to have to decorate every few years. With a classic kitchen design, all you need to do is refresh the paint palette and it looks brand new.


We find classic kitchens make the best family kitchens, facilitating hanging out and mingling, a place where family and friends gather, eat and spend time in each other’s company. There’s often a kitchen island, with a few comfortable stools, where you can perch and chat to the cook. There might be a comfortable banquette or sofa close to the table for pre or post dinner conversation. We can incorporate technology in subtle ways so that the classic kitchen is modern and flexible, suiting a wide variety of tastes, styles and budgets.”


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