Trish Deseine’s Brussel Sprouts with Cured Duck Breast

Food editor TRISH DESEINE offers up a twist on the usual sprout partners with her cured duck breast dish …

Brussel sprouts with cured duck breast, fresh goat’s cheese and blueberry syrup

A little twist on the usual sprout partners of bacon or smoked salmon and a good way to use meat as a flavour booster instead of the main act. I had blueberry syrup to hand here but you could leave out the sweet hit completely, or perhaps try honey, or some tart apple or plum instead.

For 2

20 minutes cooking and prep

300 – 400g Brussel sprouts, washed & tailed

150/200g cured (and smoked if you like) duck breast, sliced into ½ cm pieces

75g fresh goat’s cheese

Honey, maple syrup etc.

Steam or boil the sprouts until they are still quite firm in the middle.

Cut them in two or squash them a little before going in the pan.

Remove the fat from the duck breast, heat a frying pan and fry the strips until they begin to render the fat. Tip in the sprouts and fry together for around five minutes on a medium heat.

Slice the duck flesh into very thin strips.

You probably will not need to season the dish as the duck will have enough salt and pepper but do check it’s to your liking.

You can then remove the pieces of fat or leave them in, with all their lovely, tasty crunchiness.

Serve the sprouts hot with the cheese dotted here and there, letting it melt slightly before tossing gently with the sliced duck breast and drizzling with honey or syrup.


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