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Beauty Update: Tangerine Tints and Illuminated Skin

Beauty editor Sarah Halliwell shares this month’s beauty tips and tricks …

Main featured image: Chanel Beauty

We’ve all had fashion and beauty phases we prefer to forget. I’m glad my teens were pre-digital, recorded only in crumpled photographs in the bottom of a drawer. There was a frankly baffling obsession with orange in my teens, which involved a tangerine takeover: clothes, headscarf, jewellery, orange eyeshadow and lipstick. I’ve had an aversion to orange ever since, except for perhaps nail polish with a (spray) tan – but I’m finding that a dash of sunny delight in skincare can be a joy. Vitamin C-powered skincare generally comes in orange packaging – I’m thinking of Paula’s Choice C15 Super Booster, a pure and concentrated bottle of skin radiance (€47.60; and Cultured’s Biome One Mask (€59, at Brown Thomas), created by the founder of REN skincare, which acts as a healthy wake-up call for your face. 

Also, Elemis Superfood AHA Glow Cleansing Butter (€33.90;, full of vitamins, could have been whisked up in a Nutribullet: it’s one of my enduring favourites, as the buttery, fragrant balms are a pleasure to use; my teenage daughter loves the rose version for removing even the blackest of eye make-up (noting the expert advice, right). Bright make-up colours don’t need to be boisterous or alarming – look to glossy, dewy textures, as exemplified by Clarins’ supremely juicy Lip Oils, which are the best in the business. And the new generation of blushers (doubling as lip colours) are more flattering than ever. We’ll remain wary of orange lipstick, though, and stick with mandarin- centric scents instead, something juicy like Roger & Gallet’s Bois d’Orange.

What else is new this month?

BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL: The dewy look

ROSY CHEEKS We’re seeing some great new takes on blush this season. Chanel’s Water-Fresh Blush, €52, creates the dewiest of flushes; in six shades, from apricot to coral. Charlotte Tilbury’s new Lip & Cheek Wands (€25, above) are handy for when you’re travelling. Liquid blush, such as Laura Mercier’s, are ideal for a dewy look. Nars blushes are foolproof, and the blush/bronzer duos (€40) make sense for weekends away. If you remain fond of powder, try also Shiseido’s light-reflecting Innerglow Blush (€40).

SKIN GLOW One of my favourite finds this month is Pai’s The Impossible Glow (€29). This is a great liquid highlighter from a trustworthy brand – Sarah Brown created Pai skincare for sensitive skin. I love that you can add this organic liquid to any moisturiser or SPF, or just blend directly onto cheekbones for an instant glow (in champagne, rose or bronze). And it won’t clog your skin while it brightens – with ingredients including algae and hyaluronic and lactic acid, it both looks and feels good on skin. I’m also impressed by the new Bare by Vogue Williams Liquid Body Illuminator (€25) – it gives skin a glow and a sweet caramel scent plus just the right amount of golden sparkle, avoiding full-on disco.

HOME PEDI I love the idea of a pre-holiday pedicure, but timewise am far more likely to pick up a Seoulista Beauty Peppermint Toes mask and wear it while watching TV for a blast of minty hydration (it’s unisex – a subtle gift, perhaps?). €11 at pharmacies.


EYE POWER I met international training manager for Clarins, Denise Barthe, a supremely stylish skincare guru who learned from Clarins founder Jacques Courtin himself (Clarins is still family-owned). Talking about common mistakes, she mentioned how many people are too rough when removing eye make-up. “And if you use the wrong movement day after day, it is going to stretch and pull around the eyes,” she explains. You might not see the effects of this at 30, but by 50 you’re going to see a loss of firmness around your eye contour. “So be very generous with your make-up remover – don’t use just two drops and then rub. As with nail varnish, soak your cotton and press down gently for ten seconds on lashes to give it chance to work. Gently smooth off, without pulling or rubbing.” A new habit to swear by.

SORTING SUMMER HAIR I tried Aveda Botanical Repair Intensive Strengthening Masque (Rich) on damp hair overnight and found it a revelation. It smells great, like all Aveda haircare, and made my hair soft and even a bit brighter in tone, I’m convinced. Ideal for dried-out sea- and sun-ravaged hair, €56. For a great-value option, try Klorane’s Nourishing and Repairing Mask, rich in omegas and designed for dry and brittle hair and curls (€18, at pharmacies). It smells almost edible.


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