Have You Heard of This Beauty Brand That Puts Sustainability First?


The best skincare now has a positive impact on more than just your skin. One beauty brand has found a higher purpose. Sarah Halliwell reports …

It’s becoming a bottom line: what we put on our face has to be good for the earth, not just our skin. We’re avoiding plastics, carrying around our keep-cups and getting to grips with composting – so we can’t simply ignore the procession of pots, bottles and tubes in our bathrooms. Many beauty brands are jumping on the sustainable bandwagon – but few are placing it at the heart of everything they do.

Step forward /skinregimen/, a chic edit of skincare available at Arnotts, that has been created with sustainability at its core. It’s a labour of love from Italian family-owned company Davines, founded in 1983, which has long taken an innovative approach to beauty that’s driven by principles and ethics. Davines’ state-of-the-art HQ, set in a specially designed garden just outside the charming city of Parma, is a cross between the Eden Project and Willy Wonka’s factory, filled with luxury beauty rather than chocolate.

Davines Village, powered only with renewable energy, is inspiring a positive sustainable attitude.

Powered only by renewable energy, and carbon-neutral, the campus is owner Dr Davide Bollati’s mission set in stone (well, mainly wood). “We want to be the most beautiful company for the world,” says Bollati. A “practical dreamer”, with astonishing passion, he is constantly striving to minimise the environmental impact of the business, both locally and on a wider level. Davines is a Certified B Corporation; a business proven to generate a positive impact on the environment. They work with suppliers who share this vision of giving back rather than taking away. “Beautiful has to mean not damaging to the world,” says Bollati. Their sustainability report fills an entire book; few companies set themselves such rigorous challenges.

But however well-intended it is, we buy skincare because it performs. And /skin regimen/’s black glass bottles do more than look chic on your shelf. It’s an inclusive range, designed to appeal to all sexes and ages, from its distinctive woody and natural scent to its innovative formulas; the hyaluronic acid, for example, features three molecular weights of the hydrating ingredient, so it properly locks in hydration with lasting effect.

My pick from the /skin regimen/ range is the Microalgae Essence Energising Illuminating Lotion (€70): inspired by Asian beauty routines, it’s a light hydrator that instantly peps up and hydrates skin. I also apply it throughout the day to smooth out lines under the eyes.
The peptide-rich moisturiser has a beautiful texture that’s perfectly light for summer. I like the absence of synthetic fragrance, animal derivatives or silicone in the range, and the way you can mix and adapt the different elements to suit your own skin. 
An ideal way to identify what your skin really needs is a consultation using the Skin Analyser machine, exclusively at Arnotts; it highlights issues like pigmentation and sun damage beyond the surface to help choose targeted skincare.

The range takes a practical approach: to protect urbanites’ skin from the damaging effects of stress and pollution, and correct. We all know by now that stress damages skin: it causes dehydration, oxidation, inflammation. And pollution has a similar effect on skin as the sun, and can kick off the release of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the skin. Working with stress physiologist and neuroscientist Dr Andrea Sgoifo, of the University of Parma, /skinregimen/ has been able to measure its impact on reducing stress. And it’s surely the only skin range proven to reduce cortisol levels after a month’s use (all the compliments about your glowing skin definitely help). Skincare with a conscience that can lift our mood, too? We’re all for it.

/skin regimen/ is at The Beauty Hub, Arnotts. www.skinregimen.com.


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