Artistic License With Louise Neiland


Penny McCormick talks to artist LOUISE NEILAND about her MUSES, MENTORSINSPIRATIONS and her latest exhibition at TAYLOR GALLERIES

Dublin-born Louise Neiland studied in London before completing an MA in Fine Art at NCAD in Dublin in 2008. Time and its intangibility is a constant in her work, as shown in her new exhibition at the Taylor Galleries, Dublin 2.

You have called your new exhibition “Calibration”. Could you explain the title and point of departure for the paintings?

My work is always about time, the measurement of different aspects of it, and its effect on events. “Calibration” can be defined as the action or process of measuring the relationship between two quantities. These quantities may, or may not, be known. The unknown quantity in this exhibition is the amount of time given to events – or even the amount of time between those events.

You favour atmospheric and ruminative landscapes. Are they real or imagined?

The paintings describe a series of events which take place in five different landscapes.  There are four main happenings, depicted separately, and a fifth that threads through each. Some of the elements in these landscapes are real, and clearly identifiable, and some are fictional. They are painted in layers, and fabricated to appear initially as real places.

How and where do you paint?

I have a studio in my house in Dublin. My work varies hugely in size – from small pieces on wood to very large works on paper or canvas. The large pieces measure 320cm x 220cm so, where the wall in my studio is only 240cm high, I paint them horizontally to get the height I require for displaying them vertically. This process also means that I can play with the directional movement of the paint – which is at times at odds with the image.

How long have you been working on this exhibition?

I began work for this show in July 2016, so just over a year and a half ago. The exhibition has four large-scale works, oil on paper, each of which is the main piece in one of the rooms in the Taylor Galleries. Each of these works took about three months. While I worked on them, I completed the associated pieces for each room.

Do you have any muses or mentors for your work? 

To be honest, my constant muses come in many different guises – from my daughter, who you can see in the works, to my partner and family. I can be taken also by the shape of a tree I pass every day, or a landscape I travel through repeatedly.

I have had many influences over the years, but my greatest mentor and now my friend, is my tutor from college, Cecily Brennan, whose words and work will always inspire me.

Need to Know: “Calibration” runs until March 10. Louise will be presenting an Artist’s Talk on Wednesday March 7 at 1pm at Taylor Galleries, Kildare Street, Dublin 2, no booking is necessary and all are welcome.

Penny McCormick

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