Artistic License: Angela Morgan

Penny McCormick talks to artist ANGELA MORGAN about her COLOURFUL WORKS OF ART, her use of pattern and her upcoming exhibition at THE DOORWAY GALLERY … 


Celebrating humanity through the use of colour, pattern and line, Canadian artist Angela Morgan’s work is expressive and empathetic. Living in Fernie, British Columbia, she is represented in galleries across Canada, Switzerland and in The Doorway Gallery, Dublin.

What was the starting point for your new exhibition?

I think that while painting these images I was envisioning how we “set the scene” in our everyday life; how we create magic moments around celebrations and milestones. I love the use of the word “scene” – haven’t we all caused a scene at one time in our lives – perhaps a bit dramatic and expressive?

These paintings are an expression of the life we create – the colour we add to our days, the connections we nurture with our loved ones and the places we dance and frolic in.

What sparked your interest in art?

I grew up in a farming community on the prairie, in a small town with its fair share of characters and inimitable personalities. The people of my youth were from all sorts of backgrounds, of all shapes and sizes, mannerisms and dreams, with unique tastes, quirks and habits. My work celebrates these many aspects of personality, which I continue to experience on a daily basis in my everyday life. Our family immigrated from Ireland in the 1800s, tracing our roots back to County Cork.

Your painting is a layer of colour and pattern – does the portrait come first or the background and scene?

I always begin each work with the figure, as it is of the utmost importance to me. I have tried landscape and still life and continue to come back to the figure, using these other genres as settings or to complement the composition.


Need to Know: “Setting the Scene” is on at The Doorway Gallery from April 5 – 26, 24 South Frederick Street, Dublin 2.

Penny McCormick

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