Angela Scanlon Shares a Secret

The tv and radio presenter discovered her WELLBEING improved when she made a small amendment to her morning routine … 


“I consider myself very healthy: my diet is fairly balanced and I tend towards discipline rather than over indulgence. I also have friends who enable this healthy outlook.

The Mac Twins – Lisa and Alana MacFarlane (co-founders of The Gut Stuff) are part of my tribe and through our friendship and my own reading and research I became interested in how food affects gut health.

I noticed I was sensitive to allergies and though my family has a history of sinus problems, my intolerances seemed to increase with considerable discomfort on set from time to time. I was recommended to see Eve Kalinik, a nutritional therapist who said I needed to do an allergy test. This resulted in a seemingly endless list of things I couldn’t eat or drink – coffee, citrus, wheat and so on – and also required a lot of supplements. I tried to cut out things, then I was pregnant, so the timing was not ideal.

I was recommended Symprove, (created by Barry Smith) which made a difference almost immediately. I say this having been the recipient of lots of things to try because of my job, but this actually does what it says. As a water-based probiotic you take a shot first thing in the morning and wait 15 minutes before having breakfast. After the initial twelve-week programme I noticed my skin and energy levels improved and  my allegies decreased. My diet was much broader too. Now I top up with maintenance shots when I feel I need to.

Having had a baby, I have a much more gentle approach to my body – I am less demanding of it in terms of exercise, and less critical of it too. I respect it and protect it. Symprove helps.”

Angela Scanlon will be discussing Gut Health with Eve Kalinik, Barry Smith and Ella Mills at WellFest tomorrow from 10.45 – 11.25 am, at Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin. To find out more about Symprove visit

Penny McCormick

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