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All That Glitters: Party Make-Up To Impress


I know lots of people are terrified of glitter make-up but it doesn’t have to involve epic amounts of glitter – just a simple swipe of something sparkly and gorgeous turns your everyday makeup into a more festive party make-up look.

When I do a sparkling eye I like to start by using a really good pencil on the eye, it gives the glitter something to adhere to later. At the moment I am in love with NARS’ pencils: there’s even one called Grafton Street, named after Mr Nars’ visit to Dublin. Apply the pencil as close to your lash line as possible and blend with a fluffy brush, upwards towards your brow bone. When you have blended it and there is no visible line anymore, set it with the smallest amount of eye shadow, in the same colour or as close to it as possible. Then, using your index finger get some pressed glitter shadow on it and tap it on your eyelid where your pupil would be if your eye was open: tapping it in for about 10 seconds will make sure that all the loose bits are in place. Apply a liberal amount of mascara and you are all set for a night of disco dancing!

My favourite glitter shadows are from Tom Ford – they are glittery without being too much. I generally use the ones that come in the quads, Disco Dust being my current favourite (and a favourite for some time). Bobbi Brown have the most incredible eyeshadow palette this season with some really amazing sheeny shadows – just enough to make your eyes magical. Also NARS’ Christmas Studio 54 inspired eye palette is incredible.

If a glitter eye is too much for you, instead try adding sheen to your skin with highlighter for your perfect party make-up look. I am not a fan of too much highlighter – be subtle with it. You want your skin to look like it is healthy and shiny. Charlotte Tilbury makes great highlighters, both liquid and powder; I love using her Hollywood Flawless Filter as foundation and concealer where needed, as it gives your skin a wonderful glow – and of course her Film Star Bronze and Glow has the most perfect highlighter. Apply with a fluffy face brush to your cheekbones and blend up towards your hairline for the perfect glowy skin – just remember less is definitely more.

Finally a good old shiny lipstick is super festive. There are some beautiful lipsticks around this season, with some of them almost looking like they have been dipped in glitter, yet when applied to lips they look more metallic than glitter. Recently I have been applying lots of Clarins Honey Glam lip oil on top of lipstick to achieve the most beautiful glossy/shiny almost wet-looking lips – and best of all it will also help condition your lips during this cold patch.


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