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Ageing Gracefully: Amanda Byram Talks Beauty, Skincare and Beyond …


We ask AMANDA BYRAM, ambassador for No7 Laboratories new launch at Boots, for her take on Gen X beauty …

To celebrate the launch of two new serums in the No7 Laboratories line, Boots Ireland conducted a nationwide survey with Gen X women (those born between 1961 and 1981) on their attitudes to beauty. Some 74 per cent said they feel confident in the way they look now, and nearly half said they feel more confident than they did a decade ago. And more than 70 per cent of Gen X women surveyed believe that those who embrace their appearance appear more beautiful as a consequence – with an emphasis on appearing more more natural when it comes to skincare and beauty.

With this in mind, we asked the ambassador for No7’s new launch, Amanda Byram, for her take on Gen X beauty …

ON EMBRACING THE NATURAL AGEING PROCESS I was honestly shocked at the survey’s results. I’ve been embracing it for a while and was starting to think it was just myself and Helen Mirren! Of course we’d love to look 25 again – wouldn’t it be brilliant if we could just rewind the clock? But it’s not possible, and by getting surgery, fillers and all of that cosmetic stuff, you’re not going to look like yourself – you’re going to look like a different version of yourself. Having lived in LA for so long, and having seen women really mess with themselves, I think that’s what put me off, to be honest. I did a show called The Swan years ago that was all about plastic surgery and so I saw it up close and personal. I think it’s a really fine line, and when you cross that line into changing your face, that’s when it gets dangerous. I think it’s about really loving the skin you’re in, it’s that simple.

ON PRESSURE There’s a huge pressure on social media and I don’t envy teenagers today, because it’s everywhere they look. It’s everywhere we look too, but I’d like to think we’re old and wise enough and mature enough to know that’s not reality, and to know that’s not being true to yourself or your integrity. All these filters and so on – I feel that it’s a bad message that sometimes gets sent out.

ON SKINCARE I mix and match, so I’ll mix these No7 serums with an oil, and I’ll mix oils with creams. I use the clinical stuff that’s proven and works as often as I can.

ON MAKE-UP I now like to wear less make-up – more make-up makes me look older, it just sits in my lines and wrinkles and makes them more pronounced. I’m all for pulling it back and seeing your skin.

ON BALANCE I over-exercised and under-ate and did every diet under the sun and all of the crazy stuff we do when we’re younger, and ruined my skin, destroyed my metabolism, all of that. So when I studied nutrition it was really important for me to learn from the facts and science – learning what I’m supposed to put into my body, about the adverse effects of stress. And gut health also has a huge impact – when my stomach doesn’t feel right, my skin doesn’t feel right. There’s a lot to think about, but incorporating little bits into your daily lifestyle is important – one day you wake up and you’re just doing it naturally.

ON #MINDOURSELVES Headspace is so important for me – I can get really anxious really quickly and I’ve had to really work on that over the last few years.  I went to a meditation class called UnPlug in LA last year, which are 45-minute sessions with different teachers and honestly, I’ve never felt calmer. So that really helped and I listen to their App at night. In the last year, I’ve found it really important to be true to myself. We tend to do things that people want us to do. And I’m a Gemini so I like people to like me! So definitely, mental health is more important than your skin, your physical health – mental health is number one.

Boots No7 Laboratories FIRMING Booster Serum and No7 Laboratories DARK SPOT CORRECTING Booster Serum, €49 each, now available at Boots stores nationwide and online at www.boots.ie.

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