A Lunar Cycle: Easkey Britton’s New Surf Film

A new short film featuring Irish surfer EASKEY BRITTON explores the relationship between people and the ENVIRONMENT that surrounds them …


In our ‘always on’ society, it’s easy to forget about nature, and both our relationship with and dependence on it. Surf champion Easkey Britton has created a short film with director Andrew Kaineder which highlights the body’s (particularly the female body) relationship with nature and the sea.

Released on September 10, the day of the new moon, A Lunar Cycle fuses cold water surfing, dance and poetry, as Easkey Britton explores the connection between herself, her body’s natural cycle and the environment around her.


Speaking about the short film, Britton says “Our connection to the sea and natural cycles is at the heart of A Lunar Cycle. In a society that rewards ‘busyness’ I think understanding the influence of cycles becomes even more important. We all have them, men and women. We’re living beings influenced by our environment and are affected by the cycles of night and day, the moon, the seasons, the tides…”

Already being recognised both internationally and nationally, A Lunar Cycle won Best Short at Irish Surf Film Fest 2018 (Shore Shots). You can watch the full film online now, but if you’d prefer to watch it on the big screen it will be shown at both the Dublin International Short Film Festival (October 5 – 7) and the Kerry Film Festival (October 21).


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