5 Essential Storing Tips To Help Keep Your Clothes in Tip Top Shape

Have you Marie Kondo’d your wardrobe after watching the new Netflix series? Take your storage one step further with JOANNE O’BRIEN‘s tips …

1. Use the correct hangers. Too large and delicate fabrics will stretch and you will resemble an American footballer! Try to get broad, padded hangers that are not too wide for the garment to minimise this problem. Folding is an option but I tend to roll delicates.

2. Get clever with storage solutions; from under-stair shoe drawers to under-bed boxes for handbags, the world of storage has changed. Ikea and www.smartstorage.ie are my go-tos.

3. There is no better time than January to cull. If you can’t part with a piece, consider upcycling it. Give it a new creative twist at an alteration centre like Zipyard. Speaking of alterations, repair any clothes before storing.

4. Sequins tend to snag other garments so cover them with a cotton bag. Using a single quilt cover, sew two parallel lines lengthways down the middle about one inch apart. Cut through the middle of the lines and you have two cotton garment covers.

5. Treat leather before storage with a good oil to keep it soft. Like a Chesterfield sofa, a leather jacket improves with age, but it can dry and crack in storage as can your favourite Louboutins or Chanel handbag. For suede, invest in a good suede brush. Brush out any marks on your suede before storage.


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