7 months ago

10 Reasons To Read THE GLOSS Magazine March Issue


1 Hunting & Gathering

Dresses for occasions and every day

2 Just Looking

Window shopping is retail therapy for Síomha Connolly

3 Moodboard

Susan Zelouf is visualising herself dressed in Tom Ford, tuning into jazz

4 Fashion

Ten trends for spring: which one’s for you?

5 Interiors

We’re in a beige phase: gorgeous fabrics and accessories

6 Head Space

Continuing our #MindOurselves initiative: Susannah Healy on how buildings affect residents’ wellbeing for better or worse

7 Stay and Play

Writer (and football coach) Emily Hourican on the merits of girls staying in sport

8 Beauty

Spring make-up trends, bolder brows and spice tones

9 #FashionForwardNation

100+ distinctive dressers. Are you on the list?

10 Travel

Tim Magee returns to an improved, exciting Downtown LA

And much, much more …

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